The World in 2010 Gala Dinner

December 2nd 2009 — Aberdeen Marina Club, Hong Kong
For more than 20 years, The Economist has published "The World in...", an annual offering that makes bold and unapologetic predictions on the trends and events that will shape the year ahead. Journalists from The Economist as well as exceptional leaders from politics, business, technology and science – from Bill Gates and Kevin Rudd to the Dalai Lama and Ban Ki-moon – assess the world we live in and offer their visions of the coming year.
On December 2nd 2009, The Economist held The World in 2010 Gala Dinner in Hong Kong. The event was hosted by Daniel Franklin, executive editor of The Economist and editor of "The World in..." series, accompanied by five other visionary thought leaders. Our audience of over 200 participants engaged in lively debate and discussion with the evening's panelists on issues and opportunities awaiting us in the year ahead.

Thoughts from some of The World in 2010 Gala Dinner guests

"Our commitment to fostering greater knowledge of current events, of what's going on in finance and politics and the world around us, has been one of the core values of HSBC for a long time. Knowledge is power, knowledge is what informs our investment decisions and that is the edge we give our clients when they bank with us. We have tremendous commitment to anything to do with the gathering and disseminating of knowledge… The Economist has tremendous pedigree globally in terms of being a pre-eminent, if not the pre-eminent, international weekly in most parts of the world and I think deservedly so. It's a great privilege for HSBC to be associated with this brand."
Arjuna Mahendran, Managing Director, Head of Investment Strategy - Asia
HSBC Private Bank
"I think that the world is more and more uncertain. The old certain things are gone and everybody's looking to the future to know what kind of shape and new world is waiting for us. It's more and more important in these kind of uncertain times that we connect with as many people as we can, not just movers and shakers, but people who everyday build the future and try to understand where we are going. Nobody has a crystal ball so it's important that you listen to as many opinions as you can to try to form your own vision of the future."
Luca Deplano
Director, Charge Products, Hong Kong
American Express International
"I think The Economist is uniquely positioned to provide insights on what will be happening in the business community in the year ahead. The World In has been the benchmark of such communications for many years and I think the opportunity to hear it first-hand is great, as well as getting the chance to network with business executives and people in the business community. You can't miss it."
Sean Rach
Director, Digital Media & Corporate Events
Prudential Corporation
"I think the country I work in, Afghanistan, defines the future of the world. Some of the announcements made today by President Obama and some of the work that we're doing in the country to make it a safer and a better place, will have an impact on tomorrow and the years ahead. Not just for Afghanistan but the whole of the world. Also being a fan of The Economist I decided that this was a great place to come and share some thoughts with you tonight."
Karim Khoja
Chief Executive Officer

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